Why did Adil keep the marriage a secret? Rakhi Sawant told


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Indian actress Rakhi Sawant, who is a victim of controversies, explained the reason why her husband Adil Khan Durrani kept her marriage a secret for 8 months.

Rakhi Sawant can be seen crying in a viral video on Indian media pages on the photo and video sharing platform Instagram.

In this viral video, Rakhi Sawant told without naming any girl that her husband Adil Khan Durrani is cheating on her and having an affair with someone else.

They also say that Adil kept the marriage a secret for the last 8 months because of this affair and when I participated in Book Boss Marathi as a candidate, he got a good opportunity to run circles in my absence.

They say that they have all the evidence, they will bring it in front of everyone when the time comes.

Earlier in the viral videos that happened yesterday, Rakhi Sawant said that her marriage is in danger because of some people, but now she is unable to say anything, when the time comes, everything will come out in front of everyone.

He said that his mother has died recently and some people are behind his married life, if anything happens to his married life, tell everyone who is involved. I will give

It should be noted that Rakhi Sawant converted to Islam some time ago and married her close friend and businessman Adil Durrani. While recently his mother died after suffering from cancer for a long time.


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