Who is using Sheikh Rasheed’s social media account after his arrest?


Sheikh Rasheed—File photo

Awami Muslim League chief and former federal interior minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed was arrested, but videos and pictures are being posted continuously from his social media account.

After the arrest, the first picture from Sheikh Rasheed’s Twitter account was posted at 3:11 PM.

In this post, Sheikh Rasheed’s photo was shared and it was written that ‘in Thana Abpara Mein’.

After that, at 3:33 PM, the video statement of Rashid Shafiq from outside Abpara police station was shared from Sheikh Rashid’s Twitter account.

It can be seen in this video that it is 3:23 on the clock on the wall behind.

After that, at 4:30 p.m., a video of his conversation with the media was shared from Sheikh Rasheed’s account.

A video was also posted by Sheikh Rasheed’s Twitter account at 4:40 PM showing that he was brought to the Polyclinic Hospital for a medical check-up.

Awami Muslim League chief’s Twitter account also shared his conversation at 5:05 in which he criticized the government and told his future course of action.


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