To know who will attend the funeral, the Brazilian man faked his own death


In order to know who will attend the funeral and who will not, a curious man from Brazil faked his own funeral through social media.

It is said that when a person is alive, no one has time to meet him for two hours, but when he leaves this world, people come in droves to attend his funeral.

After announcing his death on social media, 60-year-old Baltazar Lemos organized a fake funeral for his family and friends to see who would attend his funeral.

Baltazar Lemos, who organizes funerals for the departed, got the idea for his mock funeral when he saw only 2 people attending a man’s funeral. Concerned.

However, Baltazar Lemos’ fake funeral plan was no less than an apocalypse for his loved ones.

Through social media, they informed their loved ones about the place and time of the funeral without giving the details of the death and engaged in the funeral preparations.

As soon as they received this news, their loved ones were worried and someone went to the hospital to confirm the news, then someone kept contacting each other but all proved to be in vain and his friends and family condoled with Baltazar Lemos. Reached the native village of the person.

When they heard the voice of Baltazar Lemos from the coffin, everyone was startled and the mourners of his death got angry and accused him of hurting their feelings.


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