Sheikh Rasheed was arrested, nephew confirmed


File photo

Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed was arrested by Rawalpindi police, weapons and liquor were recovered from his possession.

Sources say that the Murree Police has arrested Sheikh Rasheed from the motorway near his residence in a private housing society.

A case was registered against the head of Awami Muslim League in Abpara police station and his arrest has been made in this connection.

The police say that Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has been arrested in a state of intoxication and a bottle of alcohol has also been recovered from his possession, he is being handed over to the Islamabad police.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed’s nephew Rashid Shafiq has confirmed the arrest while talking to Geo News.

Rashid Shafiq said that Sheikh Rashid has been arrested and taken away from his residence.

Sheikh Rasheed’s nephew says that the house servants were locked in a room at the time of the raid.

He further said that the latest information I have is that Sheikh Rasheed is being taken to Abpara police station.


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