Sania Mirza was impressed by what quality of Falak Shabbir?


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The thoughts of famous singer Falak Shabbir of Pakistan music industry inspired Indian tennis star Sania Mirza.

Falak Shabbir along with his wife, actress Sara Khan appeared as a guest on Pakistan’s famous streaming service Urdu Flix, a musical celebrity talk show ‘The Mirza Malik Show’.

Talking about her marriage with Sara Khan in the show, she said that when the talk of our marriage was going on, Sara was most afraid that no one would object to her profession after marriage. be

“I myself went through a tough time at the beginning of my career and fortunately Sara didn’t have to face such difficulties,” he said.

He further said that therefore I want that the person whom Allah has given so much respect and so many people are going to love him and you say to this person that you should sit at home now, it is just like A girl works hard to study medicine but you don’t let her practice medicine and make her sit at home.

Falk Shabbir finished his speech and said that therefore I did not stop Sara from working, I have no problem with her profession if she is happy then I am happy.

The host of the show, Sania Mirza, was very impressed to hear these thoughts and said that you are an ideal husband and this part of the show should be shown again and again so that more people can learn from you.

Falak Shabbir thanked Sania Mirza for the compliment and said that it is kind of you that you complimented me but I think every husband should be like that.

He said that there are some girls in our society who do not want to work outside the home, so if a girl wants to stay at home, it is her choice and in that case her decision should be respected. .

Sania Mirza agreed with Falak Shabbir and said that it is the choice of these girls.


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