Police beat my children, raped me, Sheikh Rasheed


Thanks to Twitter

Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed told the media after the arrest that the police beat my children, raped me.

Sheikh Rasheed was taken to Abpara police station after his arrest, where Sheikh Rasheed pushed the policeman in the presence of the media.

He pushed the policeman outside the police station while talking to the media.

Sheikh Rasheed pushing a policeman, courtesy of Twitter
Sheikh Rasheed pushing a policeman, courtesy of Twitter

It should be noted that after Sheikh Rasheed’s arrest, the police officials have claimed that Sheikh Rasheed was intoxicated, expensive brand of alcohol was recovered from him.

Apart from this, M4 rifle, Kalashnikov and automatic gun have also been recovered from the possession of Sheikh Rasheed.

After the arrest, medical tests have also been conducted at Sheikh Rasheed’s Polyclinic Hospital.


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