Medical test at the polyclinic of the arrested Sheikh Rasheed


Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed, who was arrested last night, has undergone various medical tests at the polyclinic.

Sheikh Rasheed was taken to Islamabad Polyclinic in an armored vehicle.

Polyclinic sources have said that Sheikh Rasheed was medically examined in the polyclinic, his blood samples were taken.

Sheikh Rasheed’s ECG was done, while he again refused to give a urine sample, but on the request of the doctor and police personnel, he gave the urine sample.

Sheikh Rasheed’s blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and sugar were also checked.

Sources have said that Sheikh Rasheed’s medical report will be handed over to the police.

Sources also say that whether Sheikh Rasheed was drunk at the time of arrest or not, it will be proved by urine test.


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