Journalist and anchor person Imran Riaz Khan arrested


File photo

Journalist and anchor person Imran Riaz Khan has been arrested from Lahore Airport.

Journalist Imran Riaz was arrested by FIA at Lahore Airport before leaving for Dubai due to his controversial statements, the journalist himself informed about this through a tweet on his Twitter account.

According to the journalist, upon reaching the airport, he came to know that his name has been blacklisted while his phone and other belongings have been confiscated.

According to the last tweet made by Imran Riaz’s social media team, the journalist has been arrested by FIA and transferred to an unknown place.

It should be noted that Awami Muslim League chief and former interior minister Sheikh Rasheed was arrested last night, arms and liquor were recovered from his possession, after which he was transferred to Islamabad police station Abpara while he was sent for physical remand. The police will present it in Islamabad court today.


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