Jannat Mirza and Umarbat parted ways once again


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Pakistan’s number one Tik Tok star and budding actress Jannat Mirza and Umarbut have parted ways once again.

On photo and video sharing platform Instagram, TikToker Umar Butt updated his Instagram story and wrote that ‘I think you all should know that Jannat and I are no longer together, it is a joint decision of both of us.’ .

He requested the fans to take care of their privacy and said that ‘May Allah bless the rest for whom it is better. Thanks’.

Jannat Mirza and Umarbat parted ways once again

On the other hand, Jannat Mirza also shared an Instagram story in which she wrote without mentioning Umarbut’s name that she ruined everything, what I thought did not happen. I thought we were keeping the promises we made to each other but no, he ruined everything. Because he was used to the attention he received from other women.

Jannat Mirza and Umarbat parted ways once again

She further wrote that I noticed changes in his behavior but I ignored them because I refused to believe that he would ever lie to me or cheat on me but in the end I regretted it. I did not listen to my conscience.

It should be remembered that this couple of Tik Tok announced their separation some time ago which later turned out to be a joke.


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