Indonesia: Rooftop of major shopping mall in Jakarta transformed into fully residential suburb


To solve the housing shortage in Indonesia, planners have developed this area called Cosmo Park.

The roof of a large shopping mall in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, has been transformed into a complete residential suburb.

It should be noted that Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, the fourth largest country in the world, has a population of more than 10 million, which is only in its metropolitan area, while if the population of the Greater Jakarta Area is included, it is about 40 million. And land for construction is becoming less and less in the city.

In other densely populated capitals of the world, such as Tokyo, the population has been spread vertically, but in Jakarta it is being moved horizontally.

Due to this situation, unique models are now being offered to settle people and for this purpose a residential area has been built which is very unusual, this is a residential building built on the roof of a 10-storey shopping mall. The area is

To address Indonesia’s housing shortage, planners have developed an area called Cosmo Park, where 78 double-story villas have been built with their own network of asphalt roads, extensive greenery and trees, swimming pools and There is even a tennis court.

But when you look closely, you will be surprised that the whole place is located on the roof of Thamrin City Mall, a 10-story shopping mall in Central Jakarta.

Although Cosmo Park has been around for 14 years, few people knew about its existence, but in 2019, a photo went viral on Twitter showing its location from the air, raising security concerns. See, people’s heads were dizzy.


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