In Peshawar, a suicide bomber in police uniform arrived at a mosque to detonate on Friday


—File photo

Before the incident, the suicide bomber involved in the Peshawar tragedy had reached the same mosque of the Peshawar police line on the occasion of Friday prayers, where the top leadership of the police was present for Friday prayers, but due to tight security, he was not allowed to do so. had gone back.

According to the investigative sources, the investigating authorities have got important information from the CCTV footages.

According to police sources, during the investigation, it has come to light that the target of the suicide bomber in the Friday prayer was the senior leadership of the police, but due to tight security, the suicide bomber went back from near the mosque on Friday.

CCPO and senior police officers offer Friday prayers in the same mosque.

On Monday, the suicide bomber entered the mosque in police uniform.

The suicide bomber’s jacket contained around 15 kg of explosives, while the suicide bomber’s helmet is also suspected to contain explosives.


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