In India, people were given soil in wheat sacks


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In India, it has been revealed that people are being given soil in wheat sacks, for which 6 people have been arrested.

According to media reports, the video of this incident in Bhopal is also going viral on social media.

According to reports, 6 people including the manager of a storage company have been arrested.

It is alleged that these people mixed soil in the sacks of government produced wheat and sold it.

It is being told that the state government had produced 7 lakh quintals of wheat in a period of two years, of which 3 lakh quintals of wheat have already been distributed to different areas of the state of Madhya Pradesh under the public distribution system.

It should be noted that the video went viral on social media by the computer operator working in this storage company, while this person claimed that he had reported this corruption to the administration before but no action was taken. .

The man said that instead of taking action on his complaint, the company fired him.

It should be noted that the Indian state is also raising questions on the administrative affairs of the Chief Minister of the said corruption, while the Chief Minister says that investigations are ongoing in connection with this corruption and arrests have also been made.


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