I consider whatever Imran Khan said to be true, Sheikh Rasheed’s statement in court


Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed – Photo: File

Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, standing on the rostrum during his appearance at the District and Sessions Court Islamabad after his arrest, said that Imran Khan repeatedly said that Asif Zardari wanted to attack him. Whatever Imran Khan said, I consider it right.

Sheikh Rasheed, who was arrested last night, was presented in the court, where he himself sought permission to come to the rostrum after the arguments of his lawyer Intizar Panjotha were completed.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said, ‘Judge sir! I ask for permission to speak in the court,’ Sheikh Rasheed came to the rostrum after receiving the permission.

Awami League chief said I am very smart, I will talk small. The request should have been given to the SHO. When I was a minister, there was a personal problem with the SSP.

He said that I was asked to appear before the police, I sent my lawyer, the police wanted to arrest me, that’s why I was called.

Sheikh Rasheed said that I was appointed federal minister on merit three times, I paid 7 million income tax, no one pays so much tax.

He said that how Islamabad police arrested me in Rawalpindi, how can commandos enter my house without a warrant? 200 officials entered my house.

The former federal minister said that since I was arrested, I was not asked anything, I was not even tortured.

He said that there is a video of the police coming to my house, my mobiles were also taken. I was attacked by Islamabad police, I have important numbers in my phone. The police officer who handcuffed me used to slap me.

He said that few people do not want elections in the country. Imran Khan asked me to come forward in the election campaign. My analysis is that there is a plan to disqualify or send Imran Khan to jail before the elections. Imran Khan can also be poisoned.

Awami Muslim League chief said that Imran Khan said that he has evidence that Asif Zardari wants to kill him, I said Imran Khan has evidence against Asif Ali Zardari.

Sheikh Rasheed said that making a statement on the media is also my salary in a way. I started social media not long ago. I am being asked what information did Imran Khan share with you?

He said that Imran Khan repeatedly said that Asif Ali Zardari wants to attack me. I understand what Imran Khan said as correct.

When Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed completed his statement, he requested the court that I am 73 years old, can I sit? After which the court allowed Sheikh Rasheed to sit on the chair in the courtroom.


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