Gas production falling by 10% annually: Sui Southern officials


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Officials of Sui Southern Gas Company say that gas production is decreasing by 10% annually, Sindh is facing a shortage of 300 million cubic feet of gas in winter.

This was stated by the officials of Sui Southern Gas Company in the meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Petroleum while considering the issue of gas load shedding in Sindh.

PTI Senator Saifullah Abarone said that Sui Southern Company used to say that industries in Karachi draw gas from compressors. Who fined whom? Give details.

Sui Southern Gas Company officials replied that the details are with MD Sui Southern.

Saifullah Abaro said to ask for details, do not sink the ship of the country.

Senator Shamim Afridi said that after buying the cheapest gas from Balochistan, they give him 25 mmcfd and then say that there is a lot of theft.

The chairman committee asked what is the rate of needle gas in Balochistan?

Petroleum division officials replied that needle gas is bought at $3 per mmbtu.

Shamim Afridi said that gas is also provided by our province, yet our CNG is closed, unemployment, deprivation and explosions are caused by you.

Officials of the Petroleum Division said that 370 mmcfd gas is taken from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 270 mmcfd is supplied.

Senator Fida Muhammad said that these figures are not correct because there is no gas in the province for 10, 12 hours.

Senator Shamim Afridi said that this is a violation of the constitution, the gas producing province has the first right over it.

CEO Sui Northern said that CNG has been opened in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa since February 1.

Senator Shamim Afridi said that you live in Lahore, what do you know about the situation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?

Officials of Sui Northern Gas Company said that there are problems in some areas of Peshawar.

Senator Shamim Afridi said that some areas, more than half of Peshawar are not getting gas.


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