Fewer guests, it became expensive for the hall owner to receive full payment


Fewer guests, full payment cost the hall owner, the Consumer Court of Karachi ordered the owner of the wedding hall to return the excess amount and impose a fine of 2 lakh rupees.

Karachi’s consumer court Sharqi ordered the wedding hall to return Rs 180,000 and also imposed a fine of Rs 200,000.

The court in its judgment further said that the wedding hall owner should pay all dues within 30 days.

The petitioner Ghulam Mohiuddin had taken the stand that he had booked the hall for his daughter’s wedding on October 28, 2021, while the arrangements for 500 guests were settled at Rs 4 lakh 50 thousand.

Due to the Corona situation, the government allowed only 300 guests to be invited to the wedding, so they told the owner of the hall that 300 guests will come instead of 500. Payment will be made accordingly.

The hall owner threatened a day before the wedding that the guests should be 300 or 500 to be paid in full, the wedding hall owner charged the amount of 500 guests which is illegal.


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