Detailed decision to reject PTI’s petition against Election Commission’s decision


The Islamabad High Court issued a detailed decision rejecting the petition against the decision of the Election Commission of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in the prohibited funding case.

The larger bench of the Islamabad High Court issued a detailed judgment containing 26 pages.

According to the decision, at the end of the proceedings related to the show cause notice, if PTI is affected, it can approach the court. The protection of rights is guaranteed in the constitution and law. will not violate the rights, the court believes that the federal government will not violate the rights of PTI and its chairman.

In the decision, it has been said that PTI can present its position before the Election Commission in response to the show cause.

The detailed judgment said that it is the duty of the Election Commission to consider the facts in response to the show cause.


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