Collaborate with PSO and PNSC: Chairman Senate Committee on Petroleum


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The chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Petroleum has questioned why PSOP does not import petroleum products through PNSC vessels. Both should work together.

The PSO officials replied that the agreement to import petroleum products from PNSC was signed in 2012. Apart from C, the decision to hire other shipping companies was also approved by the Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet.

PNSC officials said that the issue of vessel availability was due to PSO not increasing the vessel fare on time. The goods of refineries and some oil companies are brought by PNSC, if the ships stay at the port for more than 8, 10 days, they have to pay a fine of 80,000 dollars per day. Work together.

Chairman OGRA said that PSO and PNSC should work together for the betterment of the country.

The chairman committee said that in the situation of foreign exchange reserves, the two government companies should work together.

PSO officials said that PSO imports furnace oil through PNSC in summer, we have ordered 486 vessels from PNSC in the last few years, 70% of them have landed and 4 vessels have been delivered. The oil was found to be substandard.


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