Alize Fatima demanded an apology from Feroze Khan


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Aliza Fatima, the ex-wife of the well-known actor of Pakistan showbiz industry, Feroze Khan, demanded an apology from the actor.

It may be remembered that some time ago Feroze Khan sent a defamation notice to Alizah Fatimah along with fellow artistes in connection with defaming her composition, which the actor informed by sharing legal documents on the social media platform.

Along with these documents, the private information of showbiz artists and Alizah Fatimah appeared on social media, after which a front was raised against Feroze Khan on various social media platforms.

One after another, fellow artistes not only criticized Feroze Khan for revealing the information, but also sent him legal notices. However, during this time Alize Fatima remained silent.

But now Alize Fatima’s lawyer has sent a legal notice to Feroze Khan, in which he demanded an apology from the actor and called all the allegations leveled by him as false and baseless.

He also said that Alize Fatima has the right to freedom of expression and no one has been harmed by any post made by her on social media.

However, he demanded an apology, calling the sharing of personal information on social media by Feroze Khan as criminal negligence and said that otherwise his client has the right to take legal action.


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