A robot that melts and goes from one place to another has become a reality?


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Scientists have claimed to develop a robot that can easily move from one place to another by changing its state like robots shown in movies.

According to the famous Hollywood movie Terminator, this existing robot is made of metal that can melt and move from one place to another and return to its original form.

These scenes shown on the screen are very sensational and the moviegoers are also very happy to see them.

But what if you found out that this terrifying terminator seen on screen has now evolved into real life?

Yes, you read that right, a team of scientists at Carnegie Mellon University in the US state of Pennsylvania has claimed to have developed such a robot.

These scientists also claim that this robot can change its structure, i.e. melt and drift from one place to another, and then return to its original state.

Carmel Majdi, a mechanical engineer at Carnegie Mellon University, said about the metal used in this robot that it is made up of magnetic particles that have two main functions.

Continuing his talk, he said that one of these two functions is that they enable the material to be subjected to an alternating magnetic field to change its structure by heating it through induction.

He said that the second is that the magnetic particles give robots the ability to move in terms of the magnetic field.

According to reports, when the robot was subjected to a series of tests, the magnetically controlled robot leaped over the obstacles it encountered. climbed the walls while also splitting into two pieces to form a circuit, eliminating foreign particles from the artificial stomach.

Also, these robots had the ability to change from solid form to liquid form.


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