Request to stop the notification of Imran Khan’s success of PML-N

Request to stop the notification of Imran Khan’s success of PML-N

Member of National Assembly of Muslim League (N) Ali Gohar Baloch reached the Election Commission to stop the notification of PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s success in the by-election.

PML-N MNA Toshah Khana is also a petitioner of the reference, he submitted a petition in the Election Commission regarding the issuance of a notice of Imran Khan’s success.

It has been stated in the application that the Election Commission said in the Tosha Khana reference decision that Imran Khan has been guilty of corrupt practices.

In the petition, the position was taken that the Election Commission asked to file a complaint in the session court against Imran Khan, the disqualified Imran Khan participated in the by-elections.

The PML-N MNA further said that the notification of Imran Khan’s success after contesting the by-election has not been issued yet.

Ali Gohar Baloch also said that Imran Khan was disqualified from the assembly, found guilty of making false statements and submitting false declarations.

He said that Imran Khan is not eligible to become a member of the assembly, he has been declared ineligible, so the notification of his success should not be issued.


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