Will aid reach the victims?

Like the entire country, Sindh is also highly affected by floods and rainwater. Cotton, rice and other crops have been destroyed in Sindh. Vegetables have disappeared, millions of people are sheltering in temporary camps or on the streets after the destruction of their houses. Is. The Prime Minister has announced a grant of 15 billion rupees for the Sindh government during his visit to Sukkur.

Due to the recent stormy rains and floods in Sindh, according to preliminary estimates, the livestock sector has suffered a financial loss of more than 6 billion 50 crore rupees. Livestock worth Rs 70 crore were swept away, while animal sheds worth Rs 6 billion were completely destroyed. According to the Directorate General, these statistics of losses in the livestock sector are as of August 25 and the value of their losses is expected to increase further. According to the report, due to heavy rains and floods in the province, more than 9,200 cattle have been blocked so far, while 2,800 animals have been partially shed and 1,300 have been completely destroyed.

According to the report, around 300 cattle have lost their lives in Karachi so far, while 31 farms have been partially destroyed and 25 farms have been completely destroyed. In Karachi, the cost of losses in this regard is estimated to be around 9 crore rupees. According to the report, due to heavy rains and floods, almost all the districts of the province have been affected and the livestock sector has suffered irreparable damage due to which there may be shortage of milk and meat in the coming days in the province.

Will aid reach the victims?

The political landscape has gone backwards in the flood disasters, thousands of relief camps have been established in Karachi to collect donations for the victims, Al-Khidmat, Tehreek-e-Labeek, Allahu Akbar, Bait-e-Islam, Sunni Tehreek, Tehreek-e-Insaf, Dawat-e-Islami, Red Crescent. , Pakistan Army, Navy, Air Force including Al Khair Trust have also set up relief camps and the citizens are giving aid according to their capacity in these relief camps.

Two to five days salary of the provincial and federal employees have been cut for the flood victims, but the government and civil servants lack confidence in the government. They also fear that this aid will reach the victims or not. The victims are protesting against not getting help in Larkana, Hyderabad and other cities. In Sindh, flood victims staged protests against the diversion of water and lack of aid. In Larkana, there are disputes over the erosion of the culvert. More than 100 people, including the local leader of PTI, protested in Dolatpur. A case has been registered against

On the other hand, Sindh Chief Minister has ordered to withdraw the cases registered against the flood victims. One person was killed and several others were injured as a result of firing in a dispute over the issue of erosion in the Sam Nale located in Bagan Korai village within the limits of Pir Sherayat Aqil police station near Larkana city. Against the incident, the relatives of the deceased staged a sit-in outside the residence of former provincial minister, Member of Sindh Assembly Sohail Anversial in Faridabad village of Baqrani, keeping the body in an ambulance. The protesters demanded the arrest of the killers.

On the occasion of the arrival of Divisional Commissioner Hyderabad Nadeemur Rehman Memon and DIG Hyderabad Pir Muhammad Shah in Pangriv, the police cracked down on the flood victims who were protesting against the neglect of relief activities, a visit to the tent settlement set up in the local wedding hall and the district On the occasion of the Badin administration’s briefing, the flood victims protested and staged a sit-in outside the tent settlement against the lack of relief supplies. The protesting victims, including children and women, raised slogans against not being provided with tents and rations.

The protesting victims said that they have been lying helpless outside the camp for the last several days, the administration has completely neglected the victims. On the protest of the flood victims, the police cracked down on them and tortured the protesting affected children and women and forcibly ended the protest. Various political and social organizations of Khairpur Nathan Shah protested in front of the Hyderabad Press Club against the alleged plan of the Sindh government to submerge KN Shah areas.

In Tandojan Muhammad, thousands of people came out on the streets against the local MPA’s cut in the sewer, Ramsha Rajput, a woman among the protestors, alleged that the PPP MPA cut the sewer, which Due to this, our villages are further submerged in water.

If this cut is not stopped immediately, we will continue our protest. Amir Hafiz Naeemur Rehman of Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi has said that the federal and provincial governments have failed to help the victims, while Sindh United Party Chairman and Sindh Action Committee convener Syed Jalal Mahmood Shah said that the corruption and incompetence of Sindh has engulfed the whole of Sindh. The federal and provincial government, engaged in the war of seats, left the people of Sindh helpless.

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