Urwa Hussain explained the reason for not developing the country and the nation

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Actress Urwa Hussain, who is associated with the Pakistan showbiz industry, expressed her thoughts regarding the country’s development and national unity, and explained the reason for the country’s and nation’s development.

On micro-blogging website Twitter, actress Urwa Hussain tweeted, “Someone told me today that it is heartwarming to see how we are united as a nation during this natural calamity.”

“Imagine how we can grow as a country if we work together like this everyday for the betterment of Pakistan,” he further wrote.

Reacting to the actress’s tweet, a user wrote in the comments, “This is the real problem that the people are united, they don’t know how to work together, but politicians and their small benefits will not allow this to happen.” So take courage and let nature decide whether this nation is able to survive!’

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