The response of the federal government to the petition of Imran Khan against the NAB amendments has been submitted in the Supreme Court

The federal government submitted a response to the Supreme Court on Imran Khan’s petition against the amendments in the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

The federal government requested to dismiss Imran Khan’s petition against the NAB amendments.

The government has objected to Imran Khan’s petition being admissible.

The federal government said that Imran Khan is the party affected by the NAB amendments and the application is based on good faith. The Supreme Court has declared that it will not interfere in political matters.

In response to the request, the government said that Imran Khan himself has been making such amendments in his government through ordinances. The NAB amendments cannot be declared null and void on the allegations of

The federal government said that NAB is the main cause of all conflicts from the day of its establishment, NAB paralyzed the government machinery, made the economy miserable, harassed investors, all the amendments in the NAB law were made keeping in mind the court decisions. have gone

The government said that his party including Imran Khan did not oppose the NAB amendments in Parliament, the petition raised a political issue of public importance and not legal, it is not clear in the petition how the amendments conflict with fundamental rights.

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