Summons of the Indian Comptroller of Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, protests regarding the burial of Syed Ali Geelani

The Governor of the Indian High Commission was summoned to the Ministry of External Affairs.

According to the spokesperson of the Foreign Office from Islamabad, there was a strong protest against India’s continued stubbornness with the Indian governor of affairs.

According to the spokesman, there was a strong protest against the refusal to accept the right of burial as per Syed Ali Geelani’s will. The Indian government refuses to cremate Syed Ali Geelani in the “Shaheda Graveyard” according to his will.

Spokesperson of the Foreign Office said that there was a strong protest from India on the first anniversary of Syed Ali Geelani. He said that Syed Ali Geelani will be remembered for his unconditional love for Kashmir and Pakistan.

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