Please comfort the flood victims in this difficult time

Earlier, the political and economic crisis had created a disturbing situation, but the floods have created a double problem. The shadows of fear and apprehension regarding the future are getting deeper and deeper. In contrast to the way we should be united and organized politically, we are becoming victims of chaos, division and division day by day. Everyone seems to be busy trying to humiliate each other. Political parties engaged in power politics have destroyed the economy and society by ignoring the national interest.

The politics that Tehreek-e-Insaaf has done regarding the IMF agreement is a cause of regret and concern. It was being expressed for a long time that the country’s economy should be kept free from politics, but it is regrettable that some political The elements are using politics to harm the opposition parties, Tehreek-e-Insaf is exceeding the limit in this work. The attempts made by the IMF to obstruct the agreement at this critical juncture is a matter of concern for the entire nation. .

This action and attitude is regrettable for a national leader. Imran Khan’s full attention and efforts are directed towards bringing down and confusing this government. National institutions must be looking at these issues seriously. Tehreek-e-Insaf talks about the encirclement of Islamabad. It should be understood that first of all, there is no hope of such an effort being successful. Suppose if Tehreek-e-Insaf If they succeed in trying to overthrow the government by besieging Islamabad, then the current situation of the economy and public problems, inflation, etc., will continue to be faced by the future government as well, and then the position of the opposition at that time to make Islamabad a home. I won’t be?

In this way, the country will forever be subject to uncertainty and chaos and instability, which the country cannot afford. The disasters of floods are sending a message that the country needs confidence and peace. Now is the time for influential and powerful institutions to play their role openly for the stability of Pakistan. At that time, if the country suffers further damage, the country will suffer irreparable damage, then it will be difficult for anyone to manage it. The country was already in a difficult situation in terms of economy. Suffered from

It is being said that the flood has caused a loss of ten billion dollars to the economy, this is an initial estimate. The problems of Shehbaz Sharif’s coalition government are not called to be over, there is pity for this government and the supporters of Muslim League are also angry that what was the need to take the government in such difficult circumstances.

On the other hand, the coalition government’s position is that we came to get the country out of difficult situations, otherwise the country would not only have defaulted but it would have suffered irreparable damage, but now the flood has diverted their efforts from their goals and intentions. And removed, the economic team of the government was thinking that in the next five to six months, the economic situation will stabilize and inflation will start to decrease slightly, but the political instability and the destruction of the flood have hampered their ambitions. has been diverted from its goals, now everyone has to play their role to get Pakistan out of the difficult situation, including powerful institutions.

Imran Khan’s problem is that if he does not do politics and convey his narrative and message to his voters, supporters, cases, disqualifications and arrests are chasing him, his little grip will be weak that he will come under control but Just as Shahbaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz and other leaders of the coalition government are active in the flood-affected areas, they will force Imran Khan to do the same. will be forced to do because the country cannot afford instability and chaos in this critical and troubled time.

Please comfort the flood victims in this difficult time

Imran Khan’s rallies are not compatible with the current situation. It is also possible that the date of by-elections to be held in September may be pushed forward to reduce the political heat as political parties are forced to do political activities due to these elections. The southern region of Punjab is severely affected by floods, but due to political issues and situations between the federation and the provinces, it is feared that there are obstacles or difficulties in the relief operations. There is a need to work together to appease the victims.

However, it is encouraging that Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi is handling the issues with prudence and strategy. He distanced himself from writing a letter to the IMF. Similarly, he openly condemned Tehreek-e-Insaf’s statement inciting rebellion within the army by Shehbaz Gul.

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