In NED University, the entrance test for students from flood affected areas of Sindh will be held on September 5

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In NED University Karachi, the entrance test will be conducted on September 5 from the students of the flood affected areas of Sindh.

NED University has decided to conduct an entrance test for Sindh flood affected students for the admission year 2022.

According to the head of the admission committee, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tufail, the entrance test will be taken from the students of the flood-affected areas of Sindh on September 5.

Due to floods and rains, the students of Sindh were deprived of the test.

More than 17,000 students, including candidates from Karachi, were enrolled in both the sessions and the NED academic year of 2022 is likely to start from October 17.

According to the vice chancellor of Jamia, more than 150 students will take the entrance test on September 5.

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