Flood relays left a story of disaster

The worst stormy rains and floods in history in Balochistan have left behind tragic stories of destruction and destruction, the vast area of ​​Balochistan has been devastated by the rains from Lasbela to Zhob, from Chaman to Nasirabad Division, one and a half months of continuous rains and Then the flooded railways completely destroyed the already fragile infrastructure of Balochistan, the road and railway network was badly affected while government buildings including schools and health centers were badly damaged, all the educational institutions of the province. A 5-day holiday has been declared for the second time in a row, so far the number of people affected by the rains has exceeded 250, thousands of houses have collapsed and millions of people have been left homeless and helpless under the open sky. are

The victims are now a picture of helplessness, due to widespread damage to the gas and electricity system, a large area of ​​Balochistan is deprived of gas and electricity facilities. According to Sui Southern Gas Company, repair work in the affected area can begin when the water level drops significantly and Sui Southern Gas crews will be able to access the affected pipeline with machinery. The repair work of the completed pipeline will begin.

However, it will take ten days from the start of the work to the end, due to the shutdown of gas, getting LPG in Quetta has become like gambling. After which the district administration in Quetta has started a crackdown against the wholesalers, this is the situation of electricity, at this time electricity is being supplied to Quetta from alternative sources and all the feeders of Quetta city have been supplied alternately as per the need. Balochistan is currently facing a power shortage of 700 MW while the available power is only 250 MW.

Flood relays left a story of disaster

On the other hand, due to the suspension of power supply from 220 KV Dadu, Khuzdar transmission line, a large part of the province was affected in Khuzdar, Wadh, Baghbana, Kalat, Nal, Zehri, Besima, Gadar, Mangchar, Khadkocha and Sorab, Mastung, Nushki, Chagai, Power supply to Kharan and Dalbandin areas is suspended till the writing of these lines, while the city feeders of Lorelai, Zhob, Qila Saifullah Pashin, Qila Abdullah, Yaro, Alizai, Chaman have been supplied with electricity only for two hours a day as required. Sibi, Dera Murad Jamali, Naseerabad, Jhal Magsi, Awsta Muhammad have also partially restored electricity due to flood. Sahabatpur and Gandakha grid stations are closed due to flood water entry due to safety measures.

It has been reported that it may take at least another week for the electricity situation to return to normal, the mobile phone system has also been disrupted for the past several days, the livelihood of a large number of people in Balochistan is related to agriculture and herding. The signs of the sector are visible now, while some of the situation is that of herdsmen. According to a careful estimate, Balochistan has suffered a loss of more than 300 billion rupees. Shahbaz Sharif has so far made four visits to the affected areas of Balochistan. Yesterday, he visited the affected Jafarabad district of the province. Balochistan has been affected the most.

During his fourth visit to Balochistan last day, the Prime Minister has announced to give 10 billion rupees to compensate the victims of Balochistan and the losses in the province. after which a resolution was passed in the last session of the Balochistan Assembly, in which the federal government was demanded to give a package of 60 billion rupees to Balochistan to deal with the situation, but there is no progress on these demands. coming

On the other hand, it is also painful that the elected public representatives, whether they belong to the government or the opposition, are rarely seen in the practical field in this hour of difficulty. Questions are also being raised on the performance of the Disaster Management Authority which was established this time. In the recent past, when specific areas of Balochistan were affected by floods and earthquakes, the government announced an immediate package. Along with this, the political parties used to immediately set up relief camps in Quetta and inside Balochistan to collect rations, clothes and other relief items for the relief of the victims.

However, on the other hand, Corps Commander 12 Corps Lt. Gen. Asif Ghafoor is continuously visiting the areas affected by rains and flood lanes, while the Army Chief has also visited various affected areas of Balochistan so far. In Balochistan, monsoon rains lasting for more than one and a half months are unprecedented in the last 70 years.

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