Aamir Khan apologized for Lal Singh Chadha issue?

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Did famous Indian actor Aamir Khan apologize to his fans on social media after the failure of his film Lal Singh Chadha?

An audio message was released by Aamir Khan’s production company on micro-blogging website Twitter.

According to the Indian media, it can be heard in this audio message that ‘I have hurt your heart in any way knowingly or unknowingly with my words or actions, so I ask for your forgiveness.’

In this audio club, these words were said that ‘We are all human and mistakes are made by humans, sometimes in words, sometimes in actions, sometimes in jokes.’

It was then repeated that ‘If I have hurt your heart in any way, I apologize to you.’

It should be noted that this audio clip was shared on the social media account of Aamir Khan’s production company, but it was not told who is the voice in the audio message.

The message was deleted shortly after it was shared, while some users believe that their account has been hacked, but there is no information about whether the account has been hacked.

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