Marvin Lawless appointed European coordinator to combat Islamophobia


The European Commission has appointed Marvin Lawless as the European Coordinator to combat Islamophobia in Europe.

In her new role, Madam Maroun will act as a liaison between European Member States, various European institutions, civil society and academia to tackle the issue of anti-Muslim hatred.

This was announced by the European Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dali.

Welcoming this appointment, he said that ‘we have to fight the problems of hatred against Muslims in every sphere of education, employment and social life’.

Under the new co-ordinator, data will also be collected on incidents of hatred against Muslims and other contexts and will also help in formulating policies to deal with such incidents.

It should be noted that Maroon Lals is from France and she has also served as an ambassador in Yemen. She can also speak Arabic fluently.


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