Interesting conversation between Najam Sethi and Babar Azam while giving ICC awards


Photo courtesy PCB/Twitter

Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Managing Committee Najam Sethi and Babar Azam had an interesting conversation during the awarding of the ICC trophy.

On this occasion Chairman PCB Management Committee Najam Sethi said that 4 years ago a friend had said to take care of a boy named Babar Azam, that friend had said to remember that he will become a great batsman.

Najam Sethi said that that day and today is the day, I praise this friend.

Chairman PCB Management Committee asked that Babar, how do you feel about your fame at this age? To which Babar Azam replied that I only work hard. I try to keep things simple.

Babar Azam said that I keep my mindset simple and focused, which makes cricket easier.

Najam Sethi asked that at such a young age, one does not worry about success so much, what will happen if one is ever out of form? On which Babar Azam said that I keep myself ready for all kinds of situations.

Babar Azam said that what you think or want to do sometimes does not happen. Support is needed when you are down, out of form.

On this occasion, Najam Sethi says that I feel proud that I am giving you the trophy, I hope it will not be the first and the last trophy.

While making a humorous comment on the height of Babur Azam, Najam Sethi said that Babur is taller than me, or am I getting shorter? To which Babar interestingly replied that I am 5 feet 10 inches tall and wear big shoes too.

Najam Sethi says there is no tension after winning so many awards? To which Babar Azam replies that there is tension but it should be handled.


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