Decision to eliminate unfair salary gap of federal secretariat officers


Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, after consulting with the Finance Minister, has decided to end the unfair difference in the salaries of the officers of the Federal Secretariat.

Federal Secretariat officers in Grades 17 to 22 who were deprived of Executive Allowance by the previous decision will get Executive Allowance at 150% of the basic pay of 2017, with effect from January 1, 2023.

Rules are being framed to establish a common pool fund for officers in grades 17 to 22.

POS fees, service charges, grants and profit funds will be spent on personal welfare. An allowance of up to 40 thousand rupees per month will be given in the name of Headquarters Support Allowance.

According to the document, Geo News will be allowed to buy equipment up to 30 lakhs for temporary accommodation and senior officers will also be given accommodation up to 3 lakhs per month. House rent subsidy, fuel subsidy, scholarship for children’s education will be available separately.


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